At Stamper, we combine high-capacity product know-how, vast supply network and 25 years of experience in the disposable products sector to offer our clients the right product, reliable service, and industry-specific consultancy. With sales offices, warehouse sites, and a supply and logistics force in Sweden and Turkey, we enjoy a dominant organizational structure in the European and Middle Eastern markets. We analyze the problems manufacturers face through our decades of experience, and provide a wide range of supply solutions, from raw material to final product. We also make a major contribution to the production potential of the sector with the paper molding and packaging machines manufactured under the STAMPER brand. * In case of need, we carry out R&D work to develop and manufacture custom-tailored machinery according to the desired product and specifications.


25 years ago, we embarked on this adventure producing pizza boxes in Sweden under the name Ack Pack, and over the years, we achieved tremendous success through prospective projects and goals while prioritizing human needs. In 2008, we established Multipak A.Ş., a paper cup, plate and cake mold manufacturer ranked among the top three companies of Europe in its respective sector, followed by Ack Soft, which manufactures sanitary papers, thus increasing our production power and sectoral knowledge, and maintaining continuous growth in the sector. Apart from the manufacturing companies, we do the marketing for the manufactured products through our company, Multipak Scandinavia AB, and provide product sales, logistics, and warehousing services to Scandinavian countries through our Sweden-based company, Ack Pack AB. In 2019, we decided to bring together our wealth of experience under Stamper's roof, including in our new company structure a new brand, Green Goose, through which we will maintain our conservationist approach and marketing of eco-friendly products. At Stamper, a product of 25 years of non-stop provision of services and sectoral experience, we place it among our core principles to fulfilling our customers’ needs and remain a reliable business partner. We are well aware of the fact that meeting the requirements of this ever-progressive approach is only possible through investing on people and technology.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide high-quality and affordable services by holding onto ethical values, respecting consumer rights, complying with "Food Safety" practices, and using eco-friendly materials and state-of-the-art technology, with the help of our qualified team of specialists.


In addition to offering environmentally-conscious, bio-degradable, hygienic and food-safe bio and compost products and innovative products, our vision is to also produce economical solutions for eco-friendly food packaging with an aim to share the know-how we have acquired in Sweden, the pilot region of Europe in this regard, with our conscious consumers, and popularize the use of the resulting products. At Stamper, our mid- to long-term goal is to attain a permanent place among the leaders of the sector in Europe and the Middle East. And we aim to attain said goal through preserving our permanence in the sector by reaching a larger number of customers, providing them with the best product and service, and achieving sustainable and robust growth with a stable economy.

Set out with the guiding principles of quality, efficiency and customer centricity, we at Stamper:
Carry out our production efforts in accordance with the region- and country-specific quality standards for all our products and services through a keen sense of supplying, emphasis on institutionalization and branding, and approach that prioritizes customer demands; Supervise the production processes and check their compliance, helping you save on time and labor while relieving you the burden of dealing with legal regulations.


In supplying print and non-print disposable products, machinery and raw materials, we attach particular importance to; Prioritizing human health, hygienic conditions and environmental consciousness. Conducting business in line with legal requirements. Ensuring team awareness among all our employees across all levels of our organization. Going beyond the expectations of our customers. Introducing new organizational and technological innovations every year. And thus, creating a reliable brand by offering higher quality, lower cost products.



ACK Pack AB was established in 1996 in Göteborg. Company headquarters and warehouse are located in Gamlestaden. ACK Pack has long been fulfilling the food packaging needs of its wholesaler and industrial customers alike throughout Northern Europe, and it remains the most powerful brand in its region thanks to its 6.000 m² warehouse and fast shipment force. Pizza boxes and food packaging with pizza concept being in particular, ACK Pack offers diverse packaging solutions to its customers in horeca and food industry. Its product range includes “Normpack” certified standard pizza boxes. Normpack certification means that the boxes are confirmed to be safe to come in contact with food. Ack Pack AB constantly and ceaselessly invests in quality to ensure your safety. It is this characteristic of Ack Pack that has made it into the powerful and permanent brand it is today.


Multipak Scandinavia AB

Multipak Scandinavia AB is a Sweden-based marketing company established in 2010 with the aim to tend to the needs of top-tier suppliers (Grocery Store Group, Grocery Store Chains and Retailers). Multipak Scandinavia AB embraces the quality standards and corporate culture of Sweden, which introduces new ideas on eco-friendly food packaging in Europe and has been a designated pilot region for their implementation, as its indispensable values. Said values are the ultimate guarantee of our product and service quality. Our Göteborg store serving on an area of 600 m² is home to a large variety of products from various countries around the world and can cater to all kinds of needs for the food industry, from packaging to hygiene products.